A large proportion of what we produce is supplied into other manufacturers as a part of their product. We supply most of the major workbench and cabinet companies in the UK with worktops that fit onto their goods.

Other components we frequently manufacture are panels, splashbacks and shelves.

Component parts can range from a standard worktop to a specially designed machined panel with accessories fitted.


Often we are approached with a problem or workspace that requires a solution, but the customer is unsure of how this can be best achieved.

Working closely with our design team, budgets and ideas can be discussed along with deciding which materials would be best suited for their application.


At Eaton Timber Solutions, we understand that some enquiries need a site visit to establish exact requirements.

A face-to-face meeting with the customer often proves to be more productive than emails and telephone conversations, particularly when dealing with a large or complex proposal. We are happy to visit site either independently, on behalf of, or in partnership with a distributor.


Whether our input is partial or involves running a complete project, we do everything to ensure that each aspect within our remit is carried out professionally, on time and in full.


We offer an installation service for products within projects that we have managed or assisted in managing. This can be quoted for at any time up until the goods leaving our factory. When installation is carried out by others, we can provide a ‘parts map’ to make for a more efficient install.


Whether processing quotations, responding to queries, taking a brief, or organising complex logistics, our priority is always on how we can best serve our customers. We take steps to ensure that you are informed about all aspects of your project and are kept abreast of developments.