An interesting designed blue laminate worktop with light grey back panels.

The Brief from the customer was to design and install a workshop that allowed them to continue there high-quality service and products. Needing sufficient storage for tools and equipment they needed a design both reflected their corporate image as well as delivering in performance and efficiency.

Copley Scientific was founded in 1946 in Nottingham, UK, by Frank Copley, to supply laboratory equipment to the local pharmaceutical industry. Today, still family owned and managed, they are recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of inhaler test equipment, in addition to being a trusted provider of test instrumentation for other pharmaceutical dosage forms


Our customer came in and spent time with our production designer putting together the full layout. Including full pre-inserted for M10 bolts to fit the pre-assembly of there cabinets so installation was made easier saving the customer one and a half days at install.


“With the expertise and technical know-how of Eaton Timber, the colours of the worktops matched perfectly to not only our cabinetry but also in keeping with the corporate colours of our client, everything was designed with millimetre precision to ensure that installation of this workshop ran seamlessly and was completed ahead of schedule, resulting in an very pleased client who was overwhelmed with the finished product, this ensured that everything has its place and the engineers can work efficiently” – Barry Day, Sales Manager